Master Kimura 10th Dan Soke (1941-1995)

Master Kimura was born in Kobe on March 2, 1941.  Even as a child he was

athletic, ambitious and talented.  After having tried judo and kendo, he began

karate at the age of 16 with Sensei Chojiro Tani (1921-January 1998).  At tthe

age of 21 he won the All Japan Championships.  He was not to be beaten the

following year either and won the title for the second time.

Without the slightest knowledge of English Sensei Kimura left Japan

in 1965 for Africa, where he taught in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South

Africa.  The first country where he was to stay longer and have a

considerable influence on karate was South Africa.  Wherever the Master

was at work, successful schools with well-trained instructors were the

result. His quest led him further to Europe, where he then settled in

England.  Ultimately, his journey ended in the USA where, thanks to 

Sensei  Kidachi - a renowned Judoka, he settled and opened his first Dojo. 

 This soon became too small and Sensei Kidachi was again at hand as they

set about looking for a larger Dojo. Hackensack, NJ became the location for

the Shukokai Headquarters and would remain so for 18 years.  Sensei

Kimura was then 37 years old and one of the youngest ever to have held the

7th Dan with an acknowledged style.

In 1981 Sensei organised the first Shukokai World Tournament in

the USA - an event that established itself and has since then taken place

every two years.  Shukokai Karatekas from all over the world were now

visiting the headquarters regularly. Master Kimura regularly nurtured the

seedlings of karate he had planted over the entire world and was to discover

with pride that many of them had grown into sturdy trees.

Sensei Kimura, full of plans for the future, died suddenly of a heart

attack at the age of 54.

In March of 1996, after his passing, the Chief Instructors of the

countries where Sensei Kimura taught (USA, England, South Africa,

Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Norway,

Estonia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe) banded together to form Kimura

Shukokai International (KSI). They determined that this organization would

be led by Kimura Soke's four most senior students.



Shihan Chris Tompson (SA), Shihan Eddie Daniesl (UK), Shihan Bill Bressaw (US), Shihan Lionel Marinus (SA).