Performance Fitness 

Defined in physical education terms as those qualities that provide the

individual with the ability to successfully participate in sporting

activities.  The fundamental components of skill related fitness are

speed, coordination, agility, power and balance.  In addition to that

definition of general fitness, martial artists, sportsman, women and

children of all styles and codes of sport must add the qualities of

flexibility, perception, accuracy, timing, endurance and mental


Development of these eleven attributes characterizes a balanced

training plan for martial artists of all styles.  When you are in good

physical condition, learning new skills is easier.  If you have to learn

and get in shape at the same time, you are working twice as hard as the

fit athlete.




Reps Registered Exercise Professional.

Level 1 Athletics, Hockey

Level 2 Gym

Level 2 Netball, Swimming 

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Sports Conditioning

BSc Sport (Honours), Fitness & Coaching 



Marathon & Ultra Running

Double Century Cycling



Great Wall of China

Race to the Stones